EAGLE CREEK, Ore. -- Every step is tough for Khrys Poitras following intense rounds of chemotherapy for breast cancer.

It left me with neuropathy and fibromyalgia and I have very poor balance and no feeling in my feet, she said.

Her former service dog Sadie is now too old to support her, so she's been training a younger Queensland Heeler named Tina.

On Tuesday, the 35-pound 4-year-old dog left their Eagle Creek yard.

She slipped out without a collar and got a sent of a mole, she loves to hunt the moles, said Poitras.

A neighbor spotted a man in a newer model white Ford truck, picking up a dog that looked just like Tina on Tuesday on the road right below the Poitras home.

He saw a man kneeling down and holding a dog and he thought it was Tina, but didn't stop because he thought, it can't be because Khrys never lets her dogs out of the yard, Poitras said.

Khrys has posted signs, filed a police report and called area vets. The missing dog does have a chip implant with all her information on it. She hope whoever took Tina was just trying to do the right thing.

Either he's thinking he's a good Samaritan and is keeping her and going to give her a good home, or it could be a bad thing, I don't know, but I want her back, I miss her terribly, said Poitras.

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