SANDPOINT, Idaho.--A North Idaho horse ranch shares a special connection with one of the world s largest brewers and the Super Bowl.

The Parnell Ranch in Sandpoint provided Clydesdales to Budweiser. A company horse breeder traveled all the way up from Missouri to pick up another horse in early January.

The employees at Budweiser have a specific look in mind when choosing their Clydesdales.

We imported him from Scotland, bought him in 2000, said Clydesdale rancher Jack Parnell.

The horse from Scotland is now in Sandpoint and Ramsey has caught the attention of the company that owns some of the most famous Clydesdales in the world.

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One of Ramsey s sons is being used in Budweiser s breeding operation.

It's 1,800 miles from home but sometimes that's how far you got to go to find them, said Budweiser Clydesdale handler Eric Reisinger.

Ramsey s look has made plenty of Ramsey s relatives celebrities. The horse s baby granddaughter made an appearance in a 2013 Super bowl commercial.

The Parnell Ranch is known across the country. The relationship between a man and a horse is unlike any other to both Michelle and Jack Parnell.

When you're around them, they're just good friends. They're affection isn't part time. They don't care really how you're reacting. They love you constantly, said Michelle Parnell.

The Parnell s said they hope their relationship with Budweiser will continue for many years.

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