NAMPA -- Residents got a chance to weigh in on a proposed renewal of a supplemental school levy in Nampa Thursday night.

Several couple dozen turned out to voice their opinions tonight.

The financially troubled school district says they'll need another $1.7 million for the upcoming school year.

At the meeting, people weighed in both in favor of and against the levy.

I don't want a tourniquet. I don't want a Band-Aid for this issue if you're going to ask us for a bond I want you to ask us for enough money, said one woman.

Another woman said, The taxes are really a burden on everybody here as it is, and I believe in education thoroughly, but you have got to keep this under control.

Voters approved a multi-million dollar levy last spring, which the district says has helped get them out of the red.

However, they say renewal of the supplemental levy is critical to help recover from employee furloughs and replace outdated equipment.

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