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ADA COUNTY -- The City of Eagle is one-step closer to having a terrain park at the Ada Eagle Sports Complex off of Horseshoe Bend Road.

Eagle had a lease with Ada County for about 267 acres at the Ada Eagle Sports Complex. Now, The City of Eagle is going to buy 34.4 acres, at $4,000 per acre, for the terrain park from Ada County.

It is not official yet, as Eagle is hiring a surveyor to establish the legal boundaries of the property. Eagle and Ada County will split that cost.

We're still hoping to get all the paperwork signed, said Eagle City Council member, Mark Butler. I'm kind of anxious since we've gotten so close to get everything done and get the i's dotted and t's crossed.

Butler said the land could belong to the city in as little has two or three weeks.

With regard to the purchase, all the feedback I'm getting is 'excellent, now our investment's protected,' said Butler.

Butler said the city's old lease with Ada County allowed the county to terminate the lease without cause, and is glad their investment in the terrain park will be protected with the new purchase agreement.

While the city and county finalize the agreement for that area, Ryan Neptune's terrain park and tubing hill in Eagle Island State Park is open.

It's pretty rad, said Isaiah Berg, who came to the park Wednesday evening. It's nice to have something in town that you can ride. You don't have to go all the way up to Bogus, and it's only 10 bucks.

While plans for his park at the Ada Eagle Sports Complex stalled, Neptune and Gateway Parks built the park at Eagle Island, and he plans to make the park a tubing and beginner park, while the sports complex will be more advance, with a focus on tougher terrain.

On Wednesday, dozens of kids came out to Eagle Island, and Neptune tells KTVB that around 4,000 people have come since it opened on December 31.

It's really fast because most kids only a live a couple minutes away, said skier Kyle Kope.

Neptune also says that he does not think he will start work on the park off Horseshoe Bend this winter, even if Eagle and Ada County finalize the agreement. He also goes on to say that he needs the dirt to be dry before he starts construction, and by that time the weather may be too warm.

Ada County will go back to managing the acres left after the city buys the part for the terrain park, and the County Commissioners hope to maintain, and even improve existing trails.

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