BOISE -- The megaload is making its way through Idaho.

The massive load of oil field equipment is expected leave the Fairfield area Monday night, as it journeys to the tar sands oil region in northern Canada.

It s a pretty big thing moving down the highway. I never seen anything like it and once I saw the information on the news media I decided I should come out take a look, and get a few photos to my friends and myself, said Bill Lassiter from Mountain Home.

We heard it s big, it s huge, it s massive and what other opportunity are you going to have to see it? said Heidi Hurtado from Jerome.

The megaload can only travel at night and only in good weather conditions.

It could take awhile before the load leaves Idaho. The Idaho Transportation Department says its permit will not allow it to travel Tuesday or New Year s Day.

Meanwhile, a second megaload is expected to enter Idaho on Thursday, and it will follow the same path as the first one.

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