BOISE -- News flash, Boise State fans: the secret is out, and so is your head coach.

The early-morning news that BSU Head Coach Chris Petersen is leaving the Bronco football team has shocked countless fans. That includes students and staff on campus, BSU alumni, armchair quarterbacks galore, and just about every Bronco fan on the internet.

It's true: Petersen will be leaving for the University of Washington. That means he'll be trading his Broncos for the Huskies, his Orange and Blue for the purple.

The University of Washington made the official announcement late Friday morning. It's not clear when he'll start his new job.

The reaction on KTVB's Facebook page is polarized, with many supporting Petersen in his new endeavor, others demonizing him, and some joking that former BSUquarterback Kellen Moore quit the Detroit Lions to fill his shoes.

Check out the Facebook comments here.

And why shouldn't Coach Pete become a Husky? The rumor is he'll be the highest-paid coach in the PAC-12.

Boise State student Ty Zacharisen says he understands.

If University of Washington works better for him than Boise State, you have to respect his decision, Zacharisen said.

Others were less understanding.

BSU student Jessica Snowen is from Washington, and joked saying she nearly felt betrayed. Snowen said she attended BSU because she wasn't a fan of UW.

I'm really sad; I'm really sad, said psychology major Lindsay Pennington from Eagle. But, I'm excited for him.

So, what happens next? Will upset students stage a mass protest at the SUB? Will the storied halls of BSU run wet with the tears of disappointed fans?

Not exactly. Most here will likely catch their breath, and focus their energy on next year's football team, despite Coach Pete's departure.

I think I'll always be a Bronco fan, but like I said, 'We'll miss him,' said student Katie Coyle, who's an exercise science major.

People that support the team only because of the coach ... I feel that we should still support our Broncos, said linguistics major Curtis Green.

Maybe this T-shirt we found at the Bronco Shop has the best advice.

Keep calm and Bronco on.

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