BOISE -- A $15,000 taxpayer-funded investigation into a health exchange contract is complete.

The attorney's review found no illegal activity and no action was taken today against the executive director.

But many questions are still unanswered about how this no-bid contract ever happened, and who is at fault.

Board members told us the review would not be made public because of attorney-client privilege.

Board members discussed the review for three hours in executive session, so the media wasn t allowed in the meeting.

They said that meeting was to discuss a personnel matter, so that's why it was closed to the public.

We know attorney Fred Mack was paid $15,000 to review exactly how the no-bid technology contract with a former board member happened.

Your Health Idaho board chairman Stephen Weeg told us that investigation did find lapses in judgment, but he wouldn't be any more specific.

That report was done under attorney-client privilege because it dealt with personnel matters, Weeg said.

The board voted to create an ad hoc personnel committee to oversee all personnel matters in the future.

That committee will also review the executive director position and make sure recommendations made by that review are implemented.

The $375,000 contract has since been canceled and we're told this has not caused much delay.

There hasn t been any delay to our technology procurement for our marketplace that we are planning to open our doors for next year, said Amy Dowd, executive director, Your Health Idaho.

The key is how do we move forward, instead of how do we point fingers, and so I'm not interested in pointing fingers, yup, we recognize there were some lapses in judgment, and we have to go forward, Weeg said.

I think it's been handled as best as it can be handled at this point, I'm not completely satisfied, said Sen. Jim Rice, R-Caldwell.

We do know that the lapses in judgment found in that review involve the procurement policy and the conflict of interest policy.

The board also decided to restructure their committees.

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