BOISE -- The Idaho Health Insurance Exchange Board will meet Tuesday morning to discuss how a now canceled technology contract was handled.

A former board member, Frank Chan, was awarded a $375,000 contract to build and maintain a state exchange website. There were no formal bids, and some board members questioned how Chan was chosen. Chan voided the contract and an attorney reviewed the process.

I know that he's done it. He's got it completed, and he will be presenting it to the whole board for their review and discussion, Idaho s Health Insurance Exchange Board Chairman Stephen Weeg said.

At Tuesday's meeting, Weeg says the review will be discussed in closed session followed by possible public session if they need to do anything. He says the review will be closed because it deals with personel matters.

KTVB asked about the vetting process for the contract, specifically about Chan's company and the qualifications related to previous clients listed in a press release. Two of the company's listed as clients, Perpetual Solutions in Meridian and the Boise Salt Water Aquarium, do not readily show up in online searches or the Secretary of State's database.

Chan has not returned KTVB's phone calls made over the last week. Weeg said he didn't have any knowledge of Chan's specific credentials except for a state contract he has held.

The only knowledge I have for sure is I know he did contract work for the Department of Health and Welfare and know they value the quality of his work. I really don't know about work he did for other companies. That would have been done in terms of the work between he and our director as they looked at the contract, Weeg said. It did not, as far as I know, come to the board for vetting. That would have been done by our executive director.

Your Health Idaho Executive Director Amy Dowd declined to give any comment on specific vetting questions ahead of Tuesday morning's meeting, but she did send this statement via email: Tomorrow the results of the independent review will be released to the board, followed by recommendations on moving forward.

Weeg is confident in the board's handling of the contract and moving forward with efficiency in delivering the program.

I think we were given an incredibly tight timeframe and limited resources. I think the board has done a remarkable job. We made a misstep on this. We're going to face up to it and use it as a way to learn and grow as an organization so we can succeed with the mandate we were given by the governor and the legislature, Weeg said.

The chairman says changes have already been implemented, including a cooling off period where former board members could not go work for the exchange.

We've already put those pieces in, I'm sure we'll put some more in, but yes, we'll learn from this mistake, Weeg said.

The attorney doing the contract procedure review did not return KTVB's phone calls on the matter.

There are other items on the agenda, including discussing the board and committee structures and possible reorganization to be more effective. The meeting begins at 9 a.m. on Tuesday.

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