MERIDIAN -- Veterans day is a time of great pride, but also great sadness for one local group of vets.

Colton Clark, Justin Amundson, and Jim Fuller marched from Nampa to Boise in memory of veterans who have lost their lives to suicide after returning home from war.

They want you to know that 22 American vets commit suicide every day. That's one death ever 65 minutes.

Clark and Amundson are former U.S. Marines, while Fuller is a former Royal British Marine Commando. Each fought in Afghanistan, and all came together as members of the non-profit Warfighter Foundation.

Find out more about that organization here.

We cater to combat veterans dealing with PTSD and TBI, and we try to find them jobs ... and we like to get 'em active, Amundson said, adding that his connection with the group was very personal.

We lost one of our buddies, and we decided to do a 100 mile hike a year ago, and it just kind of branched into this, and we just decided to do more things for veterans like us, Amundson said.

That includes hiking 22 miles from Lakeview Park in Nampa to the Idaho Veterans Cemetery in Boise.

Colton Clark said the group would stop every mile to complete 22 pushups in memory of a soldier fallen victim to suicide linked to PTSD or traumatic brain injury.

We have 22 different names today, Clark told KTVB. We're writing their name and saying we remember. We're doing 22 pushups for them every mile.

We've had great response, said Jim Fuller. Lots of people honking their horns at us, waving, stopping. So, that's good news.

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