BOISE-- Airline passengers flying out of the City of Trees have a new option during the TSAscreening process.

It's called TSA Pre Check Screening.

The service is now available in 100 airports nationwide, including Boise's. The process works by enrolling passengers in a national database, then allowing them to enter security faster and with greater ease, according to the TSA.

Perks of the TSA Pre Check Screening include not having to remove one's shoes and coat, unless they contain significant amounts of metal.

PreCheck travelers also won't have to dig out their laptops and liquid toiletry baggies prior to the security screening.

Eligible passengers include those invited to enroll via their airline's frequent flyer programs, the U.S.Customs andBorder Protection Trusted Traveler Program, and a Canadian program called the CBP Nexus Program.

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The program was unveiled in a joint ceremony by the TSA, Boise Aiport, and Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce on Friday morning.

While the new screening is available to many passengers, Chamber president BillConnors said it would undoubtedly improve the experience for business travelers in the community.

For frequent business travelers who enroll in TSA, you're going to be able to go through an expedited line here, so that TSA can concentrate on the bad guys, the unknowns, rather than folks who have been willing to go through a background check and are known travelers, Connors said.

KTVB watched as several travelers used the new screening process, and we observed their wait times were less than other passengers.

However, several passengers with artificial joint replacements were redirected to the main security line to be screened. Others appeared confused by the new security line.

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