BOISE -- Boise is getting a new flight starting November 1, when Alaska will begin direct service to San Diego.

Also, the airport director says the Alligient flight to Hawaii will be coming back in December.

And, while flights to Portland and Seattle had dwindled with Southwest leaving some routes, there are now more than a year ago with Alaska stepping up flights.

There are now eight daily to Portland and 11 daily to Seattle.

Unfortunately, some recent hopes at an east coast destination fell through when Boise was unable to get a U.S. Department of Transportation small community development grant.

We were targeting New York, Washington D.C., Charlotte or Atlanta as possible destinations for grant support and grant funding. We were very pleased with the level of interest from the community and the fact that we had over a dozen businesses actually pledge financial commitment in the matching funds, that was required for the grant, said
Boise Airport Manager Rebecca Hupp. We're very disappointed that DOT did not select Boise. The flip side to that is we're also very pleased that really, we have good air service and there were other airports that were out there and other communities out there that quite frankly needed the help more than Boise.

Next up, Boise hopes to look at other cities, like Dallas and Reno.

Dallas could be a good bet if American Airlines is allowed to merge with US Airways, which already has a Boise presence.

Any of that would be months away.

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