MERIDIAN -- Some pizza delivery customers got a few extra visitors on Thursday night who had an offer for free dinner if they had working smoke detectors.

The promotion, which runs through Saturday night, paired Domino's Pizza with the Meridian Fire Department for Fire Prevention Month.

If a customer with a delivery order agreed to a few extra delivery guests, the firefighters showed up in an engine to test the smoke detectors.

If the detectors worked, Domino's paid for the pizza. If the detectors didn't work, the firefighters would give the owners free batteries, or add smoke detectors if they didn't have any.

While this is fun way to remind people about fire safety, it is also a serious reminder to check smoke detectors, which these firefighters have personally seen save lives.

Oh yeah, many times. We've also seen instances where people have not changed their batteries or disconnected them, which is not a very good idea. They need to be working, they save lives, Meridian Fire Department Captain Nick Corral said.

Detectors should be tested monthly and batteries should be changed twice a year when clocks are changed for daylight savings time.

It's very important. It's the first line of defense in saving someone's life. If those smoke detectors don't work, it can be very difficult to get out of there. The smoke will come down, and they'll end up with breathing problems. If the smoke gets to them first before a fire does, it can be fatal, Corral said.

Domino's paid for any free pizzas for customers. The Meridian Fire Department provided the firefighters for the education and tests.

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