CALDWELL Those with the Canyon County Farm Bureau are pleading with drivers to pay attention, especially during this fall harvest season.

KTVB met up with board member Sid Freeman as he was putting his barley field to rest for the season. However, Freeman knows how unfortunate some recent collisions between cars and farm trucks have been.

It s very, very unfortunate; I believe we have had three fatalities accidents this year, he said.

Freeman said the road traffic is busier than usual; the harvest is a bit late this fall because of all the recent rain. So drivers may see more big trucks carrying their crops.

We just want them to be very aware of what s going on around them, Freeman said.

Freeman is a member of the Canyon County Farm Bureau, as well as a farmer.

He say it s easy for drivers to get impatient behind trucks. Many drivers also get distracted, but many don t realize the weight these trucks carry.

You can only control what you do as a driver and you are limited to the controls you have because of the weight of your load, explained Freeman. And everyone else out there needs to be aware of that.

Some trucks are carrying 15 to 16 tons behind them, meaning it s going to take longer for them to stop in an emergency.

And our drivers are very aware that they cannot stop on a dime, said Freeman.

He said the Farm Bureau decided to pour thousands into TV commercial ads to draw awareness to the issue of farm equipment collisions. They want drivers to be patient and make sure you are seen by the driver of a big truck or tractor.

They get out in the rural areas and it's pretty out here, and it s very scenic, and they are gawking and looking around, and maybe not paying attention like they need to be, said Freeman.

They hope by putting forth awareness, a life or two will be saved by some defensive driving on everyone s part.

We just want everyone to be extremely careful out there, Freeman said.

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