BOISE -- Boise State University is creating conversation about conservation on campus. That's because university officials recently installed a solar-powered picnic table used to charge portable electronic devices.

The new Solar Power-Dok station is made mostly out of recycled materials and is completely powered by the sun. It's at a main intersection on campus, so students can plug-in and recharge their cell phones, tablets and laptops.

BSU is known for its blue turf, but school leaders told us they're also committed to going green.

Boise State has one of the lowest carbon footprints in the country as far as per capita universities are concerned, said David Smith, BSU Associate Vice President for Campus Planning and Facilities.

They wanted to provide a service that was needed by the students. An outdoor charging station, said Smith. This is the meter that reads the conversion to KW and lets us know how much is being used and how much energy is saved, said Smith.

He said the $13,000 project was designed to get people talking about sustainability. It was installed just a few weeks ago and students are already taking advantage. Especially because it means they can ditch their portable chargers.

I thought it was really cool that you can just plug in your phone charger instead of carrying that thing around, said BSU sophomore Baylie Anderson.

She added that as a biology major, she appreciates the school's commitment to sustainability.

Solar powered is awesome, said Anderson.

But this isn't the only way BSU is going green and saving money in the process.

We've connected to the geothermal that the city of Boise has expanded on this side of the river, said Smith.

He added that if the Solar Power-Dok station stays busy throughout the year, school leaders hope to add a few more to other popular spots on campus.

David Smith said the school have a better idea of how much power the docking station is generating once its been collecting data for a month.

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