BOISE -- What was the Women's Fitness Celebration is now FitOne. But more than just the name has changed.

The Women's Fitness Celebration brought thousands of women and girls to downtown Boise every year to inspire them to live a healthy lifestyle. But this year the Celebration evolved into FitOne.

Heather Hill is the director of Fit One. Change is always hard. But change can be really, really healthy, she said.

We caught up with Hill as she was supervising the setup of the FitOne Expo at Boise Centre, which opens Thursday. Besides the name, the biggest change is that now men can participate in the family wave of the run/walk.

Change really happens as a family, Hill said.

She also says building a healthy community starts with building healthy families, which includes fathers, sons, and brothers. Overall, the reaction to the opportunity for families to participate has been really really positive. We're seeing dads coming out and registering with their daughters, and that's just going to be so special to see on the starting line.

One of those dads who's running with his daughters, is Andy Thompson. Stuff like this, whenever I can get my hands on it, I love to get them involved.

Thompson knows that active kids turn into active and healthy adults, which is what he wants for his daughters.

I've always tried to keep them active, said Thompson. Gymnastics, soccer, anything that I can get them into.

He's excited to share the experience with his daughters, but he's not too sure about what they're calling their team. Our team name is 'The Sweethearts.' I said, 'Really?'

You can register Thursday and Friday at the Expo, which is at the Boise Centre. But, even if you're not registering, you can swing by the Expo, and check out all the cool booths and family activities.

Click here for our complete FitOne event guide.

If you can't make it down for the race we will have full live coverage on the Saturday Morning News from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Our team will be there to help kickoff the races and celebrate with all the women and families.

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