CALDWELL -- A Canyon County shelter for victims of domestic violence is now closed.

The Valley Crisis Center in Nampa shut its doors on Friday due to financial struggles.

Now, other shelters in the area are worried about an increased need and in already under served area.

For 30 years, the beds at the Valley Crisis Center have provided a safe place for women and children in Nampa.

The shelter was housing 30 victims of domestic violence when they announced they didn't have the funds to stay open.

Kim Ivacek is the executive director of Hope's Door, the only other shelter of its kind in Canyon County.

In Canyon County alone, last year we served 6,700 victims through our programs and classes, that was just the tip of the iceberg, 10 percent of those came from Nampa, said Ivacek.

She says there are simply not enough shelters where women can go if they need to escape a violent situation.

And with Valley Crisis closing, even more women will need help from their facility.

I know the impact just we have here, I don't know their waiting list looks like, I don't know how many they have in their shelter, but I know that it will impact us, said Ivacek.

Even though Hope's Door has a 96 bed facility, they're full with large families taking up every room, and just as many more waiting to get in.

It's a huge need, it's a huge need, right now we're pretty even we have 47 in shelter and 38 on our waiting list, said Ivacek.

The Idaho Council on Domestic Violence tells KTVB the shelter in Boise, the Women's and Children's Alliance, is full as well.

We found out there are only 17 shelters in Idaho for women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

They're located throughout the state, but 28 counties are without a shelter.

As for Canyon County, Ivacek says they'll do their best to protect anyone who needs help.

When they come to us in a crisis situation definitely is shelter, making sure that they're safe and have a safe place to reside and we always do that whether they are on our waiting list or not, we always make sure they are safe and help them with a safety plan, said Ivacek.

The 30 people currently staying at the Valley Crisis Center will be able to stay there for the next 30 days, while Hope's Door provides the services they need.

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