BOISE-- Seven-year-old Hannah Daurer looks perfectly healthy, but she's battling the dangerous and rare Evans Syndrome, an autoimmune disorder. She was just diagnosed in May.

I can't play a lot of things, Hannah told KTVB. I have to be careful.

Basically, Hannah's body destroys important platelets and red blood cells, causing bruising and extreme fatigue. She's lately been receiving treatmet at the Mountain States Tumor Institute in Boise. There is no cure for her disease.

Despite her diagnosis, Hannah's mom, Christina, says the remarkable 7-year-old is also reaching out and helping other children around her.

That's becauseHannah has been helping to raise thousands of dollars for a very special project to help other children facing life-threatening diseases like her.

The project is called Hannah's Dream 2 Make 100 Plus One Kids Smile. It started when Hannah and her parents decided to hand out candy and other treats to children. The project grew into making special 'caddies' with even more goodies inside.

She says she wanted to do something for the kids she met while getting treatment to help them feel like they are not in the hospital.

For now we're taking advantage of all the good days, and making sure we do the most with what we have, Christina Daurer explains.

In Hannah's case, that included making a special YouTube video asking for donations to help her project. Check it out here!

After the video aired, donations started pouring in for the special caddies. Within 48 hours, she had already had 60 of them purchased. KTVB was there when she passed them out to these young patients for the first time.

Her mom could not be more proud.

There are so many times that it's brought me to tears just thinking about it, and mainly because she's 7, Christina Daurer told KTVB.

If you'd like more information about Hannah and her dream, visit her Facebook page.

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