BOISE -- Authorities in Mexico have located a 5-year-old kidnapping victim from eastern Idaho, according to the Idaho Falls Police Department.

Aaliyah Esqueda was located in Mexico sometime on Monday.Idaho Falls police tell KTVB they're working with authorities there to determine what's next for the child.

Aaliyah is believed to have been abducted by her paternal grandparents on Thursday, Sept. 5.

Police had previously said they believe Aaliyah's grandparents took the child on a bus to Mexico to be reunited with her father, and where we've learned it could take some time to get Aaliyah back.

Aaliyah's maternal grandparents, who care for her, say they've heard details regarding the abduction through Facebook -- where members of the girl's paternal family have made postings.

They believe Aaliyah has been taken by her paternal grandparents Irene and Salvador Esqueda - across the border into Mexico, where her father had been deported. In Idaho, the state police issue all Amber Alerts with the help of any local agencies - and police say they've been very effective.

Read more about the alleged kidnapping here.

Records indicate there's a high recovery rate for children in Idaho who've been listed on Amber Alerts in Idaho.

Today we got some data on that:

  • Since 2007, there have been 16 alerts issued, involving 21 children.
  • Of those 21 kids -- one is Aaliyah
  • Three have been found in Mexico, but have not been returned to Idaho
  • The remaining 17 children were all recovered

Idaho has also helped other states with Amber Alerts, sending Idahoans six alerts about nine children since 2007. All nine were recovered.

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