BOISE -- The Nampa Fire captain severely injured when a man allegedly went on a violent rampage through a Meridian neighborhood, was expected to be released from the hospital Sunday.

Nampa Fire Department deputy chief Doug Strosnider said Sunday afternoon he expected Captain Chris Cade to released from Saint Alphonsus later that day, and to return to his home in Meridian. Strosnider said Cade will be resting at home until swelling in his face subsides and his surgeons can determine what to do next. Cade may require numerous plates and screws to be implanted in his face and will need dental work because of significant damage caused to his mouth and teeth, said Strosnider.

Cade was attacked while riding his bicycle on a trail in Meridian Wednesday morning. Police say the suspect in that attack, 23-year-old Sean Carnell, of Meridian, was under the influence of drugs when he violently assaulted several people during a rampage through a neighborhood. Carnell was arrested a short time later and now faces a number of felony charges.

Strosnider said in a statement Sunday that Cade suffered traumatic injuries, but is making progress.

They were able to remove the chest tube and his collapsed lung appears to be functioning as normal, said Strosnider. This is a positive sign and also a strong indicator that Chris's physical fitness prior to the attack has made a difference in his recovery.

In addition to severe facial injuries, Cade has a broken rib, a broken collar bone, and fractured scapula.

Strosnider said the department is hoping and praying for a complete recovery. He said Cade's family is appreciative of the outpouring of support they've received from the community and are thankful to their Nampa Fire Department family along with numerous fire departments from throughout the Treasure Valley.

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