HAILEY, Idaho -- The Beaver Creek fire has touched the lives of just about everyone in Blaine County, whether or not they were among the evacuees.

And it seems like everyone wants to show their support for the firefighters and help out.

On Thursday, three 13-year-olds showed their support when they presented a $1,200 check to incident command.

Emily and Leah Thayer and Dakota Hutton wanted to do something to show the fire crews their appreciation.

Originally, they wanted to make cookies for the firefighters, but decided to host a bake sale instead.

We decided to kind of do both and make cookies and donate the money to them directly, said Emily Thayer.

The first day we were just thinking about doing it one day, and we were thinking about maybe raising $100, and we exceeded that in the first day, said Dakota Hutton.

They were just like, 'I'll just take one brownie' and they put a $20 bill in the basket and we were like, 'Woah' it was awesome, said Leah Thayer.

The bake sale went on for four days and raised a total of $1,200.04.

When the check was presented to incident commander Beth Lund, who gave the girls a hug.

The money is going to the Wildland Firefighters Association.

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