BOISE -- A Timberline High School student is being hailed as a hero, after rescuing a woman who fell into the New York Canal.

Clay Kenyon's little sisters are really proud of their big brother. He was riding his bike in Southeast Boise, when he was called to help.

I saw a guy waving me down from his balcony on his house along the canal, he stopped and he yelled that someone was in the canal and he couldn't get to them, said Clay.

The 18-year-old saw a woman in her 70s floating in the swift water, yelling for help.

I was thinking she was about to go down, said Clay. It sounded like she would submerge, and then come back up and yell for help and go back down again.

A neighbor who saw it all unfolding, gave a flotation device to Clay, who volunteered to take it to the woman. He quickly dove into the canal without hesitation.

Clay is a member of the Timberline Swim Team, and he felt strong enough to do it. I jumped in, I got to her, her eyes were closed, said Clay. I got her, I grabbed her and handed her the noodle. I just told her to stay calm.

Clay pulled the woman to the edge of the canal, where police and firefighters took over.

He was pretty humble, said Marcus Rainey of the Boise Fire Department. I think he was kind of in awe of what had happened... by the time we left him, it was kind of sinking in what he'd done.

Rainey says what Clay did was definitely heroic. For him to take that risk of putting his own life in danger to save that lady, was pretty impressive.

It turns out the woman was picking flowers along the canal near Barber Park when she fell in.

The woman was taken to the hospital as a precaution, but she is OK. She sent Clay a letter, thanking him for his heroism. He says it's something he'll always treasure.

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