BOISE -- A 42-year-old Boise man faces a felony DUI charge after police say he was busted driving drunk Monday night.

Nicholas R. Hiler was booked into the AdaCounty Jail shortly after 9:42 p.m. It was his second DUI arrest in a week -- and third overall.

According to the Boise Police Department, Hiler was found driving drunk on Monday after a citizen driver followed him in a car and phoned a tip to Ada County dispatchers.

Officers say he was reporteldy swerving between lanes, driving on the center lane, and disobeying various other traffic laws.

The 42-year-old was eventually stopped by police near South Maple Grove Road. They say Hiler was obviously drunk, and failed several field sobriety tests.

Police later tested his blood-alcohol level by taking a blood sample at the AdaCounty Jail.


Police sayHiler was arrested on July 25, and charged with DUI after drunkenly crashing into another car while two young children were riding along with him.

Hiler has a previous DUI conviction in May, 2009 after an arrest by Boise Police in July the previous year.

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