STANLEY -- There is a perception that if there's a wildfire burning near the town of Stanley that the town is closed, but things are very much still hopping.

The residents of Stanley want people to know that they are very much open for business, and the summer season is the busy time for them even with wildfires.

In Stanley, David Denning and his family operate the River Company in the summer.

When we see fires pop up we all get a little nervous, said Denning.

They run it seven days a week and the summer season is important to the success of it.

You know this is Idaho, and we have a lot of great natural resources and wildfires part of what we deal with, said Denning. You know we're seasonal for the most part, where we do a lot of winter businesses too, but the summers big for most of us, you know, to be honest most of us make a living in two or three months.

Ed Cannady with the Sawtooth National Recreation Area says the summer time business for Stanley is important.

Redfish Lake is one of the iconic locations in the state of Idaho, so when it gets evacuated it's kinda big news, Cannady said.

Although the Redfish area may be evacuated, there are still many places left to recreate and backcountry outfitters are still running.

We battle the perception when fires happen like this, especially one that gets your attention like this one did, that oh no it's too smoky or it's too dangerous and that's just not the case, said Cannady.

And although, the fire is still burning nearby, they don't want people outside of the area to think they can't come and visit.

We are lucky that they got on that fire fast enough, said Denning.

Cannady says, It would be a shame if people stayed away.

There are still plenty of places to camp around the area, even though Redfish has been evacuated. Denning says if there is a danger, they are going to be very communicative with their floaters and guest, and let them know they are not going to have anybody get in harm's way.

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