A new study reveals nearly one-in-ten Americans use their smartphone during sex. And that s not the only odd place they re using it.

Jumio, Inc. released the Mobile Consumer Habits study Thursday, which was conducted online by Harris Interactive. More than 1,100 adult smartphone owners and users were interviewed last month.

Seventy-two percent of respondents said they stay within five feet of their smartphones most of the time and they are not afraid to use it in unusual places:

  • In a movie theater - 35 percent
  • During a dinner date - 33 percent
  • At a child's or school function - 32 percent
  • In church or a place of worship - 19 percent
  • In the shower - 12 percent

Nine percent of respondents said they have used their smartphone during sex. That number goes up to 20 percent among those ages 18-to-34. However, 12 percent of respondents who are in a relationship said they believe their smartphone gets in the way of that relationship.

Despite all the warnings not to do so, 55 percent said they use their smartphone while driving.

Twenty-nine percent admitted to snooping on someone else s phone, but it s more common among single people than married people, and more common in people ages 18-to-34 than older people.

Fifty-nine percent of respondents said they keep their phone password protected. Americans primary concerns over their smartphones include.

  • Theft of personal information - 65 percent
  • Losing contact with others - 58 percent
  • Calls being made on their behalf - 39 percent
  • Someone logging into their social profiles - 33 percent
  • Someone using their mobile payment options - 26 percent
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