BOISE -- A Boise couple that celebrated their 8-year anniversary by buying a $10 Scratch ticket ended up winning $100,000.

Tyler Kellogg and his wife Joyce were working their shift Thursday, as managers at Big Bun Drive-in on Overland and Curtis.

Even though they were working, they still wanted to celebrate their anniversary.

So when they went on break, they bought a lottery ticket from the gas station across the street.

I usually give all the tickets to her to scratch, said Tyler Kellogg.

So I started scratching it and saw it. I started yelling out the front, and I called him over, said Joyce Kellogg.

I was out here cleaning all the tables and she was screaming at me, 'This better not be fake,' said Tyler Kellogg.

Tyler and Joyce Kellogg say they usually only buy the $5 tickets, but decided to splurge on their special day.

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