BOISE -- A lawsuit was filed against Townsend Farms in Oregon on behalf of an Idaho couple.

The lawsuit comes after the company's organic anti-oxident blend frozen berries, which was sold at Costco, were connected to a hepatitis outbreak in multiple states. Idaho couple Michael and Marissa Berndt brought this case to Marler Clark, who specializes in foodbourne illness litigation and are based in Seattle.

The law firm filed the class action lawsuit on behalf of Idaho residents who've eaten this product, then gotten blood tests to see if they have hepatitis A, or have gotten a vaccination to keep them from developing hepatitis A symptoms.

As of now, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention does not know of any cases of hepatitis A in Idaho.

Even though the CDC has not announced any illnesses in Idaho. People who live there, who've eaten this product absolutely should go out and get vaccinated. They should be tested for hepatitis A, said Drew Falkenstein, who is an associate from Marler Clark.

The lawsuit aims to get compensation for Idahoans who ate the fruit.

Falkenstein said Marler Clark has filed five or six class actions suits against Townsend Farms already, and says they will file with several more over the next few days.

Marler Clark has also filed multiple personal injury suits on behalf of people who became ill.

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