EAGLE -- Another part of the Greenbelt is now a point of contention between neighbors and those who want to use the popular path.

The section in question borders the Laguna Pointe subdivision south of State Street just to the east of Eagle Road.

Eagle City Council President Mary Defayette says the stretch went largely unused up until last year.

There wasn't any maintenance of the pathway, Defayette told KTVB. The pathway was built about eight years ago, and it was just never maintained by the city. People would get to this point and just keep coming, and eventually forged a trail.

The path in question is more than a mile long and runs to the north of the subdivision.

In the original development agreement, it's very clear, said Defayette. Basically the city insisted on a 25-foot easement from the high water mark. So if it floods, that's your high water mark.

City officials say the easement would have created a path between the subdivision's property line and public greenbelt area. However, instead of creating a new path, Defayette said the developer agreed with the city to use an existing path with questionable boundaries.

Why are the boundaries questionable? Defayette says they may cross into private property.

Defayette said the problem began when more people began using those trails. She says in response, neighbors blocked part of the trails and posted signs warning no trespassing.

The city's been working quite a while on a peaceful resolution to this, but it's been moving pretty slowly, Defayette said. And the biking community is frustrated, which I'm frustrated [with] as well as a biker.

Defayette said the Laguna Pointe Homeowners Association now has two choices.

It's really not a rocket science fix, she said. It's either allow the public to use that easement, which it doesn't sound like they want to do, or come in and build the path where you were required to when the development agreement was finalized.

KTVB News reached out Tim Dublin with Community Management Solutions. Dublin oversees the Laguna Pointe Homeowners Association. He declined our request for an interview, and refused to explain how the group views the situation.

Representatives of the homeowners association and the City of Eagle met to discuss the issue Wednesday. The groups have another meeting scheduled for next week.

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