NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. -- Titus Young, the troubled former Boise State Bronco and Lions receiver who has been arrested three times this month and has been in jail since May 11, appeared in court today but refused to address the judge.

According to USA Today, the interaction between Young and Judge Andre Manssourian went like this:

Judge: Good morning, sir.

Young: No reply.

Judge: Can you hear me?

Young: No reply.

Judge: Are you Titus Demetrius Young?

Young: No reply.

When Young refused to even confirm his name, the judge called the attorneys over and had a sidebar discussion with them, during which time Young continued to stand silently. At one point Young s father, who was in the courtroom, called out to him, but Young still did not respond. Young s attorney later said that Young was exercising his right to remain silent.

Friends and family members have said they re concerned about the mental state of Young, who is facing a slew of charges including burglary, battery on a police officer and drunk driving. The judge said Young poses a danger to the community and increased his bail from $25,000 to $50,000. Young s family has apparently decided not to post bail, thinking he is better off remaining in jail until he receives the mental health treatment he needs.

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