BOISE -- V.F.W. Post 63 in Boise was all packed up on Saturday. Family and friends gathered for a deployment ceremony for the 20 local, citizen soldiers of the Army Reserve's 949th Transportation Detachment. They're deploying to Afghanistan on Sunday.

We're ready to go, and very highly motivated, and we're ready to do any mission the Army wants us to do, said Captain David Schorzman, Commander of the 949th. We'll be moving a lot of soldiers out of Afghanistan.

He says their main mission involves the drawdown of troops. In other words, these soldiers are heading off to war, to help others come home.

We're ready to go, said Sergeant First Class Nicholas Earl. We've been preparing for so long.

As he leaves to serve his country, Sfc. Earl is one of many soldiers leaving behind a family in Idaho. But he says, in order for him to be strong, so must his family.

Not only has the unit been preparing for the mission, my family has been preparing for this. We're all anxious. We're ready to get it started. My wife is amazing. She's great, and she's going to hold this family together amazingly, said Earl.

Olivia Isaak is the wife of Sergeant Shawn Isaak, who's also deploying. She says it was difficult when Shawn deployed last time. It was hard. There were things that we had to get over.

But, he deployed from Montana, not Boise. So there were few other families around that were going through the same thing as Olivia.

That was really the hard part, Isaak said. There were just four of us from this unit that deployed. And, so we really didn't have anyone down here.

With a community of support, she says it'll be easier this time, but still not easy.

Captain Schorzman says it will be a big help in Afghanistan since about half of these reservists have been deployed before. In fact, Sergeant Isaak was doing almost the exact same mission just last year in Afghanistan.

949th will leave Sunday, and spend about six weeks training in Fort Hood, Texas. After that, they'll be in Afghanistan for about nine months, before coming home next April.

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