MOSCOW, Idaho-- Police arrested a Moscow woman Saturday for allegedly attacking her husband with gas and a knife during a fight about cleaning their trailer. Prosecutors charged Mary Moore with felony domestic battery in presence of a child.

Officers said Mary Moore stabbed her husband in the face and poured gas on him.

Police arrested Moore Saturday night at her home along Main Street. Court documents stated that Kevin J. Moore was stabbed in the face with a butcher knife. The stabbing left a small cut, according to officers who responded to the scene.

Kevin told police that his wife had attacked him. He said the two were arguing about their trailer not being clean. Court documents detail the attack. Kevin states that Mary entered their bedroom with a container of gas in one hand and a knife in the other. Mary poured gas on his leg according to the police report. Kevin said Mary lit a piece of paper on fire but did not throw it on him.

Court documents said Mary left the room, returned, and then stabbed her husband. Kevin grabbed the knife, went outside, and called 911. Police said that is when Mary asked her daughter to grab another knife.

Mary also told police that the fight began because Kevin was upset about her not keeping their trailer clean. She claimed that Kevin pushed her several times during the fight. Mary admitted that she grabbed the knife after Kevin pushed her. She said it was for protection.

Documents showed that Mary admitted to pouring a drop of gas on Kevin.

Officers found the gas container on the back porch. The burnt piece of paper was found in the bedroom along with the gas soaked pants.

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