KETCHUM -- A business growing out of the outdoor opportunities in Ketchum is Mountain Approach.

Cory Smith is an avid backcountry snowboarder. Like the founder of Club Ride, he and fellow riders face a real challenge in their sport. You see, riders who want to enjoy terrain outside the conveniences of chairlifts have to get up the mountain under their own steam in order to ride down.

That's meant cumbersome and time consuming equipment changes on the mountain, and according to Smith, the effort sometimes doesn't seem worth it. That's why he invented a foldable approach ski in it's own custom backpack.

I wanted to ride the board of my choice so we made these folding skis with permanent climbing skins on them you just follow the skin track up the ski folds up fits in your backpack and you snowboard down, said Smith, Mtnapproach founder.

Smith believes this ski will revolutionize the backcountry snowboarding experience.

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