NAMPA -- After the passage of a major levy, the Nampa School District continues to make cuts. This is all to balance their budget after a multi-million dollar shortfall.

Now a group of teachers are taking issue with one of the ways the district is trying to save money.

The Nampa Education Association filed a lawsuit against the district over addendum's to teacher contracts.

They believe the addition of furlough days to the contract, without negotiations, is against the law. The NEA said they have made multiple attempts to discuss this with the district, but were rejected or ignored.

NEA President Mandy Simpson says they are not suing for money, but rather to know if the contract changes are legal.

It's our responsibility to make sure that the district is abiding by the laws in this state. And if they are not, we feel responsible if we don't uphold those laws, and make sure that the district is being held accountable to do that, said Simpson.

The NEA submitted a formal request with the district for open negations. To do that, the NEA needs to represent more than 50 percent of the teachers in the district.

The school board asked for an official count of how many teachers the NEA represents. A third party will conduct that count.

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