BOISE -- As Spring starts to warm-up, criminals are targeting batteries found in parked RV's, campers, boats, and golf carts.

On Monday morning, Boise Police arrested 31-year-old Joshua Proto for grand theft.

Boise Police believe Proto and 32-year-old, Timothy Barth, who was arrested last month for stealing batteries are likely responsible for 90 percent of the thefts in Boise since the first of the year.

Police say they believe the men were selling the batteries for cash.

Right now the bigger picture is anything that has a value for recycling-- those metals are valuable so there are a target for theft, said Boise Police Public Information Officer Lynn Hightower.

Boise Police say if you have anything that could be recycled for cash to lock it away.

In the case of your RV batteries, owners are encouraged to chain it to the hitch of your tuck, along with the propane tank.

Police encourage you to be watchful of your neighborhood and report all suspicious activity.

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