BOISE -- March Madness is here, and with it comes plenty of college basketball fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the games while working.

However, one local company doesn't mind its employees watching basketball on the clock. At Quest Groups in Boise, that kind of distraction isn't against policy, it's actually encouraged.

The company is located in BoDo, and provides workforce solutions, employing what some might call corporate headhunters.

While most employers would frown upon sneaking in a couple hours of basketball, Quest Groups CEO Joe Kosakowski makes it easy for his workers to watch.

Kosakowski says he believes happy employees are productive employees, and that's why March Madness is something he, along with his staff of 20, look forward to each year.

Kosakowski says he even had cable hooked up in the building especially for the NCAA tournament.

I'd rather have them doing what they are enjoying as they are working, versus worrying about something else and not focused on what they should be focused on which is work. Letting them have free time and then going back to work as adults is what I believe in, says Kosakowski.

Kosakowski also says he brings a TV into the main office space, and put the games on the radio all day. He says while everyone works, they multi-task to enjoy the spirit of the tournament as well.

We have food come in -- we have the food, we have the drinks, -- but we're still working, Kosakowski said. I'd rather have them watching the game, but being able to work, as well as enjoying the game.

In case you were wondering, Quest Groups have a huge office pool to bet on the outcome of the tournament as well.

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