MERIDIAN -- A man with an inspirational story and unbelievable condition will be in our area this weekend.

Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs, and travels the world sharing a motivational message with students.

Vujacic is now 30 years old, but starting speaking publicly about his life without limbs more than a decade ago.

Vujicic spoke at two area schools on Friday, including Meridian Middle School.

Click here to watch Vujicic's presentation to Meridian Middle School students.

Vujicic has an outgoing personality and overwhelming spirit. I want you to live life and have fun as much as you can, says Vujicic.


Vujicic has a unique message for many.

He was born without arm or legs, with no medical reason. However, Vujicic has turned what he was given into something to give others.

Seeing a limbless guy smile sort of gets you curious, like, 'man if he has something to smile about, maybe my life is not so bad, maybe I'm not the only one in pain,' says Vujicic.

Speaking to students in Salt Lake City recently, he discussed topics that affect many kids, like bullying and suicide.

... I tried to commit suicide because of bullying as well; I went to school and I couldn't get away with it, says Vujicic.

He also reminded everyone to live life to the fullest, no matter what.

People think, 'oh man, I can't imagine my life without arms and legs, now I'm never going to complain again in life,' but you will, says Vujicic.

He will also be speaking at the Idaho Center on Saturday, at 7 p.m.

Free tickets are available at the NNUbookstore and area Dutch Brothers Coffee shops.

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