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BOISE -- Authorities say they may have identified the man suspected of snatching a woman's purse at the Boise airport Sunday.

On Monday, the Boise Police Department sent out a call for the public's help in identifying the man seen on airport surveillance video committing the crime.

Boise Police say a woman was in the upstairs waiting area just before midnight when she accidentally left her purse unattended for 3-5 minutes. During that time a man was seen on surveillance video come over to the purse and sit by it, once the owner left.

He met with a woman who arrived at the airport at 11:50 p.m. They were then seen walking back toward the purse. It was gone when the couple left the airport.

Police tell us the purse contained various items including prescription medication needed by the victim.

The person of interest is believed to have left the airport in a white 4-door Chevy or GMC pickup.

The truck has a wrap around tool box in the truck's bed, a large brush guard on the front of the truck, and large black louvers on the rear window. The roof of the pickup has some faded paint.

On Tuesday, the Boise Police Department sent out a follow-up release:

Thank you to all who assisted with the story yesterday on Airport Officers searching for a person on interest in a theft. A citizen saw the media and called in a tip that led to officers identifying the person. The case is still under investigation. Should the information lead to potential criminal charges, the officers reports will be sent to the prosecutors for review...

The case remains under investigation.

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