BOISE -- An asteroid half the size of a football field cruised very close to Earth Friday.

Asteroid 2012 DA14, as it's called, shot by Earth shortly after 12:20 p.m. Mountain Time. Scientists say the 150-foot long rock made the closest known flyby of an object its size.

For the students of Borah High School, the event was a welcome distraction from class.

Staff made the NASA live stream available in the school's library during lunch. They watched the live feed via KTVB.COM.

The asteroid passed closest to Earth at exactly 12:24 p.m.

NASA partnered with an observatory in Australia to show live video of the asteroid magnified via a powerful telescope.

Olyad Debo, a Borah High senior, wasn't overly impressed as the small blip shot across the screen. However, Debo agreed that watching the event was better than reading about it in a book.

Seeing it live, and watching it gives me the live experience, Debo said.

Senior Gustavo Sagrero agreed. I think It's kind of cool. It's one of those weird chances you get to see, Sagrero said.

The asteroid passed a mere 17,000 miles from Earth. Scientists say that happens once every 40 years.

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