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ADA COUNTY -- In the afternoon and evening, road conditions in Ada County were favorable.

However, with temperatures overnight dropping, we might get some black ice on the roads overnight. The snow that fell this morning has had a chance to melt, and overnight it could refreeze making roads slick.

It seems these kinds of tricky driving conditions have plagued the Valley over the last month. There have been a handful of days with precarious driving conditions, causing many drivers to struggle. The busiest day for authorities in Ada County was January 11th, the second big snow storm of the year. Ada County dispatch got calls to 110 different weather related accidents and slide-offs, and that's just part of the totals for January.

We looked at all the days this month we've experienced severe weather:

Crashes without injuries 26
Crashes with injuries 4
Slide-offs 17

Crashes without injuries 43
Crashes with injuries 10
Slide-offs 30
Motorist assists 27

Crashes without injuries 31
Crashes with injuries 7
Slide-offs 1
Motorist assists 16

Crashes without injuries 10
Crashes with injuries 8
Slide-offs 76

Crashes without injuries 53
Crashes with injuries 5
Slide-offs 24
Motorist assists 22

Crashes without injuries 163
Crashes with injuries 34
Slide-offs 148
Motorist assists 65

Those numbers don't include accidents handled by Idaho State Police.

The main concern in the morning will be anywhere that there is a lot of snow on the side of the road. Those drifts had a chance to melt onto the roads Tuesday, and then refreeze tonight.

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