NAMPA -- Guns and ammunition are flying off the shelves in Idaho as many worry about the future sale of certain firearms.

Store owners tell us Wednesday's gun control announcement by the President sparked a mad rush on many items.

Frank Huitema has owned Zebra 12, a firearms store and training center, for 10 years.

He tells us he's never seen this kind of frenzy and says it will have a huge impact on Idahoans wanting to bear arms.

At Zebra 12, there's still a few assault rifles left, but the case that used to be full of handguns is now empty.

It's just been a mad rush, people are scared there is going to be a massive gun grab, said Huitema.

He says it all started back in December when the gun control debate stirred up nationally.

Then, the president's plan sparked a huge spike in sales in Idaho. Anything that's a high cap pistol, magazine, out the door, said Huitema.

He says it's a bigger rush than when Obama was elected in 2008. This time around it's worse, we see a lot more last minute, oh my God, here it comes, we gotta get it now, and it's clearing out the shelves everywhere, said Huitema.

Huitema says while the supply in Idaho won't be wiped out completely, he worries what firearms will cost and says the prices have already jumped up several times.

It's going to drive the prices so high it will cost prohibitive, especially for folks in Idaho, he said.

He says it's not just the assault weapons and magazine clips that are in high demand now, but everything.

And it's not just at his store.

At Cabela's, signs tell customers that because of the current high demand, ammunition will be limited to 10 boxes per customer.

People are just, they're livid, especially in Idaho, said Huitema.

Huitema also points out that he believes this issue is affecting those both sides -- anti-gun and pro-gun.

He admits these times can be good for his business, but he simply doesn't agree with the reason behind the increase in sales.

We asked to speak with both Cabela's and Sportsman's Warehouse about their recent sales. Both referred us to their corporate offices, but we were unable to get a response.

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