BOISE -- This week's freezing temperatures could be affecting your child's day at school.

We're taking a closer look at how administrators protect students from both the cold temperatures, and the cold virus.

The cold temperatures are hard enough on adults, but what about your kids? The Boise School District does have a policy in place for the harsh winter.

District spokesman Dan Hollar tells us if the temperature is below 20 degrees, principals should consider keeping kids inside.

The principal at Valley View Elementary School tells us it's the school's job to keep kids protected from the cold, no matter what.

On Monday, it was a cold, quick recess, kept to a tight schedule.

Principal Glenn Aguiar says the normal morning recess was canceled because of the cold.

He says this week, a shortened, 10-minute outdoor break is taken during lunch. Aguiar tells us normally the morning recess lasts 40 minutes.

Initially we just kept them in, but as we are seeing how long this cold spell is staying with us, we are having to go back and redesign how we are getting the kids out, running them around a little bit, said Aguiar.

Aguiar says they watch the thermometer all day, and also keep a close eye on the kids' clothing.

Jackets crowd the hallway until recess, and if a student isn't prepared for the outdoors, they stay in. We wanna get them outside but we also monitor that very, very closely because of the temperatures, said Aguiar.

Aguiar says a few minutes outside, helps kids' attention inside.

He says the other big concern -- keeping them in, keeps the flu spreading.

So, Aguiar says time outside can actually help their health. That kind of helps keep the cold and flu not confined to the classroom or in the areas inside the buildings, so hopefully we are staying healthier overall, he said.

Aguiar tells us their teachers have gotten creative with indoor exercises as well.

He says one class did the Hokey Pokey Monday morning, since recess was canceled.

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