TWIN FALLS A former worker at Idaho s largest dairy operation has pleaded guilty to one count of animal abuse on the day his trial was set to begin in Twin Falls.

Jesus Garza, 25, was charged after an animal rights group videotaped three dairy workers stomping, dragging and beating cows inside a milking barn at Bettencourt Dairies' Dry Creek Dairy in Hansen.

Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs says Garza faces up to six months in prison. As part of a plea deal, they will ask the judge to suspend 80 days of a 180-day sentence.

Loebs says two other dairy workers seen abusing cows in the video, Javier Victor Rojas-Loayza and Jose Acensio, are on the run from the law. They have warrants out for their arrest.

Since the video surfaced, the dairy's owner fired the workers, hired an additional supervisor and installed cameras in the milking barns.

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