BOISE -- In Boise State's decision to change conferences, there are lot of interested parties. University president Bob Kustra and the school's athletic department said the fans played a role in their decision to stay in the Mountain West.

About a year ago, the Boise State football program was headed to the Big East. Wednesday, Boise State President Dr. Bob Kustra announced their decision to stay in the Mountain West.

I think there was only really one choice for us to make and that was to act now on this Mountain West approach, said Dr. Kustra.

Watching the same teams of the Mountain West wasn't what most fans were expecting.

I think they need to go to a different conference to get some competition, said a football fan, who came to Boise from California.

Not everyone we spoke with felt the same.

I don't think it really makes a difference. I mean, they're playing the same caliber teams that they would, said another man.

Honestly it seemed like it was weird for them to move to the Big East, said one fan.

Dr. Kustra said one advantage for the fans will be away games played closer to Boise. Justin Lewis supports that idea.

I had a bunch of buddies email me right away. They're like, 'Boise State staying in the Mountain West.' I was like, 'cool.' I think that's great; I think it's a fantastic move, said Lewis.

Even though Lewis is a Vandal, he is please Boise State will be staying and playing closer to home.

I'm a fan of regional football, so I want to see teams play teams that matter to them. I mean Boise State playing Syracuse? Lewis said. I mean it just didn't make sense. So I feel like Mountain West actually is a regional conference.

Some fans we talked with said the Big East might have been a bigger challenge.

But it's funner to watch them win, instead of the couple of times where it's a nail biter, said one fan.

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