BOISE-- It was another successful year for the Great Polar Bear Challenge, and it could turn out to be the biggest year yet.

2013 started out cold for a lot of people, and it wasn't just the water at Lucky Peak Reservoir, it was the temperatures outside hovering in the teens.

Over 300 people turned out to take the plunge into the frigid water. Many were cold long before they got wet.

You know, really, it's the feet. My feet are cold, said one participant.

The wind didn't help much either.

You're standing out here and you don't even have shoes on. Yeah, I wasn't really prepared, said another person ready to take the plunge.

Like with many events similar to this one, people will do crazy things, and even dress in crazy costumes for a good cause.

We're a mother and daughter team and we have two families that have been beneficials(sic) of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The Doan family and the Vitto family and we're here supporting. We raised over $1,000 in the last 10 days and we're just being crazy.

After standing around for about an hour, it was time to make the plunge into 32- to 33-degree water, which was an improvement from the air temperature.

On this day however, It's getting out of the water that's tough.

How was it? asked NewsChannel 7.

It was cold! Just a little cold. It felt good, said one plunger.

I can't feel my legs, said another.

While some stayed in the water to do more than just plunge, others couldn't get out of the water fast enough and get on dry clothes.

I wasn't going to get my hair wet and I did it! I did it for a great cause today. So, oh my gosh. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Yes it was, said a participant.

We have a couple of good friends that have cancer right now, so it's a great thing to come and sacrifice with them, said another participant.

Organizers tell us that Make-A-Wish raised around $40,000 from this year's Great Polar Bear Challenge. That's enough money to grant seven children's wishes.

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