BOTHELL, Wash -- For the Owen family of Bothell it has been a life changing week. Tim Owen and h is wife Cheryl Reed were killed after a tree fell on their SUV. The couple's adult children were injured.

Friday night a group gathered to support the family during a vigil outside Bothell High School.

Michael Feldman, the couple's brother-in-law, is the family spokesperson.

It is a tremendous event to have so many people affected in a negative way at one time. said Feldman.

The accident happened on Friday, December 21st around 1:20 p.m. The Owen family was traveling on Highway 2 near Stevens Pass when the tree accident claimed the lives of 58-year-old Tim Owen and 56-year-old Cheryl Reed. Also in the vehicle were the couple's son, Jeremy, daughters Jessie and Jamie, and son-in-law Steven Mayer. Jeremy was released from the hospital but the other three are still being treated for serious injuries.

All have a lot of work ahead of them, said Feldman.

Jeremy Owen closed the vigil Friday night with a special message for his parents.

He said, I am going to be a strong man. I am going to take care of my sisters. Dad and Mom, I am going to make it, I love you so much.

The Owen Family Relief Fund has been set up to help pay for medical bills and other expenses, learn more about it here:

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