EAGLE -- Last Monday night, 16-year-old Shauna Hill was cut out of her car after a crash on Highway 16. More than a week later, her family took her off life support. They were still with her in the hospital Thursday night, before donating her organs.

It was a miracle she even made it from the wreck, said Captain Edward Hill, Shauna Hill's dad.

He got a call last Monday from his older daughter saying his younger daughter was in critical condition after a car wreck. He got to the hospital and 16-year-old Shauna was in a coma.

With a traumatic brain injury it can be days. And we waited and waited and waited and, it was looking good, he said.

She was supposed to go in for surgery until something went wrong. Doctors told the Hill family Shauna's brain stem swelled massively.

They couldn't declare her brain dead for another two days because we waited, by my insistence. I'm just like, 'no I'm not giving up,' Hill said.

On Tuesday, the fight was over. Doctor's at Saint Alphonsus declared her brain dead. Immediately Heidi and Edward Hill talked about donating Shauna's organs.

Especially we thought we wanted to give her heart. The heart was what we could make a difference.

Shauna's parents also decided to donate her kidneys, pancreas, and liver.

We waited 'til last night until almost midnight, and they got all those organs. We have four people who are going to receive a miracle this Christmas because of my daughter, said Hill.

The idea that Shauna is helping others after her death comforts the Hill family.

That probably is about the only thing that makes me feel good about this Christmas.

Now Captain Hill, a Navy pilot, has a new fight.

The next quest is we're going to get a light on that intersection, said Hill. We gotta step into the 21st century and put a light there. It would have saved my daughter.

He hopes others will choose to be organ donors, even if they do not, he has a message for parents.

Hold your children close. Don't have any regrets.

Shauna's family is asking people not to send flowers. Instead, they want folks to donate to her honorary fund for the Eagle Fire Department, who helped Shauna at the scene of the accident.

Shauna's viewing was Friday evening. Her funeral is being held Saturday.

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