NAMPA -- Hundreds of local kids can now spend their holidays riding around on a brand new bike. It's part of an annual fundraiser at the Christian Faith Center in Nampa.

The church gave 250 bikes to the children who need them most. It cost about ten-thousand dollars to buy all the bikes, for kids ages three through eleven.

Near the end of the Sunday morning service, came the moment every kid was waiting for.

With excitement and applause, the long line of bikes were handed out one by one.

It was exciting for kids, and sometimes emotional for their parents.

Mary Ann Machete teared up over the generous gift, happy her 4-year-old daughter Josie finally has a bike that fits.

It's a real blessing, it just shows that God really is there and really does help people when it's really a tough time, says Machete.

The wheels rolled out one after another, eighty bikes given out in just one service.

The Christian Faith Center raises the money for the bikes, then reaches out to families in the community who could use a little help at Christmas.

Some kids were obviously overwhelmed by their Christmas present. 8-year-old Tilla Perez says, We got new bikes, and it was really exciting and fun today.

Others were quiet, but clearly thrilled. 5-year-old Diego Perez smiled as he sat on his very first set of wheels. He said he was really happy.

Outside the church, every two wheels carried a kid whose Christmas just got better. Tilla says, I am so excited, when I get home I'm going to take it out of the truck and ride on it.

This is the sixth year for the bike donations.

The bikes were handed out at several different services Sunday morning. Christian Faith Center uses an application process to line up the children in need.

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