BOISE -- There's a new push underway in Boise to preserve a historic farm in the middle of a growing urban area.

Spaulding Ranch has been a part of the Boise Bench for more than a century. The City even declared it a historic district back in 1996 -- but now a developer has plans for the property.

Preservation Idaho's Spokesperson Dan Everhart says, It's unlike anywhere else. There's this undeveloped, rural, agricultural, nature to this site.

It's an almost picture perfect piece of property on North Cole Road. The 20-acre site includes sprawling pastures, an old red barn, and a white farmhouse.

Everhart tells us, It is the only agricultural farmland within the Boise city limits; its the only historic district on the Boise Bench.

It's a historic district that Preservation Idaho says is one-of-a-kind, and a reminder of where Boise came from.

But it now sits on a busy street, surrounded by subdivisions.


A developer with NorthSide Management says there are plans to build more homes on Spaulding Ranch in the future.

Developer Scott Noriyuki with NorthSide Management tells us, Portions of the land are being considered for residential development from a new urbanism standpoint, similar to the North End of Boise.

He says they are still in the early planning process, and hope to keep the farm's historic structures intact through the new development.

However, Preservation Idaho fears what could be lost if this piece of Boise's past is changed.

Everhart says, Large scale residential development, any development actually, will erase forever this little piece of the Boise Bench and its history.

Despite its plans, NorthSide Management has not yet submitted an application to the city for the future development.

The property has also been unused for about five years.

Preservation Idaho hopes the ranch could be used for ongoing agricultural purposes, or even a community farm.


The group is holding a public education meeting on Thursday, Dec. 13 to talk to Spaulding Ranch neighbors about the issue.

That meeting will be held at the Ustick branch of the Boise Public Library at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday. It will be in the Sagebrush Community Room.

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