BOISE -- Wednesday marked the unique date 12/12/12, and it made for a lucky day for many people, including those with due dates and I-do dates.

On Tuesday, 12/11 at 10 p.m., Lara John realized her new baby boy was on his way. She told her husband she thought she should get to the hospital.

It progressed rapidly after that. I didn't really have a choice to do anything, so it was all natural and then he was born at 1:47, Lara John said.

So at a time where the individual numbers on the clock (1, 4 and 7) added up to 12, the John family became the first at Saint Alphonsus with a lucky 12/12/12 baby.

We didn't plan on it or anything, John said. What's even more weird, is that my first child, she's five, and today's her birthday too, so 12/12/07. So they both share the same birthday.

Down the hall, Naomie Cousineau gave birth to her baby girl during the noon, or 12 o'clock hour. Her family says it's exciting to have a birth on such a lucky day.

Just the fact that it's never going to happen again in our lifetime, I guess it's a really neat day, Cousineau said.

The day was also special for a baby born a more than a decade ago, McKinsie Johnson. She turned 12 on 12/12/12. Her parents told her she would be baby-sitting that night, but knowing these occasions aren't a dime a dozen, instead had a surprise party planned.

We wanted to make it a special big day for her, McKinsie's mom, Jennifer Johnson, said.

Now to the I-do dates : Some duos chose the day of dozens for many years to come. More than a year ago, Michael Lewis and Charlene Tipton planned to tie the knot on 12/12/12.

Well, I have a bad memory and it's a good round number to know, just 12/12/12 so I won't forget an anniversary, Lewis said. It had to be 12/12/12 because they don't make 13/13/13!

The couple planned to honeymoon at the movie theater Wednesday night and also see if their luck could stretch from not just happiness, but to richness too. After all, that was part of the vows.

It's done! It's a done deal! Now we gotta go get our lottery tickets! Lewis said.

20 couples were married on Wednesday in the Ada County Courthouse. The next busy day might be Friday, 12/21/12. The clerk's office is already getting calls from people interested in getting married on what some believe might be doomsday.

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