BOISE -- A eastern Idaho man is lucky to be alive after he fell into the icy Snake river while duck hunting from a canoe.

He and his doctor are now talking about his near-death experience.

It all started with a hunting trip, and that's the last thing Michael Jones remembers.

I remember the canoe dunking over, hanging onto the canoe for about 20 or 30 minutes and that was it, Jones says.

Russell Haskett from the Federal Fish and Wildlife Office pulled Jones to shore and rescued him. However, doctors say that's when Jones' heart gave out, and he was clinicially dead.

Doctors say it was like a scene from a popular TV show. Jones was rushed to a nearby hospital and a team of medical professionals saved his life.

It was really everything in progress, said Dr. Jacob Delarosa, Jones' physician. CPR in progress, someone on top of the gurney keeping the chest, keeping the heart, keeping the blood moving throughout the body, really to keep the blood going to the brain to keep him alive.

Delarosa and his team of doctors had to first warm Jones' heart since his severely low body temperature caused his organs to actually shut down. Jones' body temperature dropped down to a fatal 82-degrees, and Delarosa says they are lucky to have been able to revive him.

Both men say the experience is nothing short of a miracle on the Snake River.

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