BOISE -- We live in an age of constant movement and motion -- especially in television news.

This December 5th we celebrate three decades of excellence in journalism, community service, and -- awesome hats.

Our friend and colleague Carolyn Holly started at KTVB in December of 1982.

Shortly afterward, Carolyn appeared on air for the first time. She worked as the morning and weekend anchor just one year after graduating from Oregon State.

However, since KTVB's morning show at that time was only a 15-minute cut in, most of Carolyn's early years were spent in the field reporting on the news of the day, health stories, and features.

It was those feature stories that offered Carolyn the opportunity to show off what would become a wide array of head wear for every occasion throughout her years at KTVB.

Headwear such as sunglasses, Bronco football pregame show hats, hats worn for special TV shots -- hats like the hot dog hat, the seafood hat, and the sea kayak paddling hat.

Indeed, it seems Carolyn always had the perfect 'lid' to match the story or situation.

There was even a helmet for that zip line trip at the Vancouver Olympics, which became fashionable because of the knit hat Carolyn wore underneath.

However, on a serious note, Carolyn's 30 years at KTVB have been filled with non-profit service, and the tireless giving of her time to local organizations and charities who have needed her help.

Her solid journalistic sense and integrity is second to none, and her institutional knowledge of our community and region is a big reason you've told us you tune in every night for your local news.

It's been 30 years and counting -- I know I cant wait to see what the next decade holds for my friend and colleague Carolyn Holly ... and her hats.

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